Friday, April 29, 2011

Ahhh, Sunshine!

As we near 5" of rain for April, it has not just been the rain but the cold that has kept spring from springing forward.  The aerification holes are now just starting to heal and with all the rain our mowing schedule have been off all week.  This time of year we lower the height of the mowers on the greens as the sand from aerification disappears.   This is a slow and gradual process - 5/1000's of an inch at a time.  When it rains and we are unable to mow, the process of lowering the height of cut is slowed.  In the next few days we will reach our normal height of cut on the greens for the season.

The effect of sand on the cutting edge of a greens mower bedknife.  Notice the grooves at the top of the picture.  This surface should be smooth.  This can happen after just a few passes by the mower on a green.