Friday, April 29, 2011

Back of #7 Green Project

This week we began work on leveling the back of #7 green bank.  The sod was removed and soil was added to lessen the angle just off the green.  We also enlarged the collar in the back of the green and today we were able to acquire sod (they were not cutting due to the rains). 

The back of #7 green with the new soil in place.  The enlarged collar is also visible.  Note all the worm castings on the bare ground, but none on the green or collar.  Worms are everywhere!!  In the longer grass it is just not as noticeable, than it is on fairways.  Worms do not like sand, thus they stay away from  the greens.  We are adding sand to fairways, but it will take a few years to build up enough to discourage the worms.

Laying bluegrass sod around #7 green bank.