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CDGA Weekly Update - May 27

May 27, 2011 Scouting Report
Memorial Day Weekend! Rough Takes Off, Words of Wisdom, Microdochium Patch?, More Waitea Reported, and Tim says Early Dollar Spot

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - Weather Blog

Spring? In 2011 it never seems to be one season for long. Spring (if you want to call it that) took a step backwards this week when our medium jackets were back on, it felt cold. It all began Sunday, May 22, when a cold front broke the truce. A cloudy sky grew overhead and dropped significant rainfall, 2 inches, for some (north suburbs) and trace amounts for others (south suburbs). Those remaining dry would get a second chance later in the week. By Wednesday the dry cracking soils of Sunshine Course in Lemont were gone (until now 1 inch of precipitation had occurred all of May). In less than two days our rain gauge filled to nearly 3 inches. Farther north, the second deluge meant golf course superintendents were really complaining.

Immediately they could tell a water-filled cup meant poorly draining greens. From my perspective, incoming reports detailed a return of cool weather. In a week, I would continue to evaluate golf greens and experience Christmas (reddish bentgrass as opposed to nearby green Poa), see Microdochium patch (a.k.a. pink snow mold), and slowly tally more dollar spot reports. Cool and overly wet conditions were once again the norm but signs of spring were on the horizon. I saw more golf play and two striking blooms: black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) and white fringe tree (Chioanthus virginicus). Wait, it's not just spring, it's Memorial Day weekend!

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Enjoy your holiday weekend as we transition towards warmer weather AND Summer.

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