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CDGA Weekly Update - May 13

May 13, 2011 Scouting Report
We count a 90° day: Soils reach 65° at 2 inches, First Dollar Spot, First Waitea, Crabgrass Germination Begins and Tim's Data on Poa annua Control

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - Weather Blog

I'm awake! In a week our temperatures went through the ceiling. What happened was unusual and our environmental conditions quickly shifted from a cool month of sluggish greenup to midsummer. Three days at or near 90° began onTuesday, May 10 when Chicago set new record highs with Midway's mercury reading 91°. Little Sunshine Course matched that and then went on to log two more 90° days. It meant midday wilt stress of sand-based golf greens began. Hand-watering of those purpling patches also began. Just a week prior those same greens were a purplish-red color after enduring one last series of frost. Next up, familiar faces appeared. First, a terrific image via text mail was undeniable - bright yellow rings of Waitea affecting Poa annua on a practice green. I visited to confirm. Then our nemesis, dollar spot disease, said hello.

Our first dollar spot report was via phone on a bentgrass fairway in central Illinois by Bill Sharp, University of Illinois. That tip led Tim Sibicky to scout and find infection centers on Sunshine Course's practice putting green. A susceptible creeping bentgrass 'Century' was hit with the reddish spots typical of initial dollar spot outbreaks in May. That's heavy stuff for a season that, up until now, had been (big yawn) progressing slowly for an entire month. Not yawning.

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