Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rough is very rough

As is the case every spring, the rough is thick and longer than we would like at times.  Looking around the blogosphere you can quickly realize that Biltmore is not alone (click on this link to see what Oakland Hills CC is saying).   It is the talk among superintendents and golfers alike and it is an annual conversation, some years more than others.  Every spring the grass has a surge of growth accompanied by seeding.  The seed stalks are course and stiff – making hitting from difficult.  Once seeding is finished (in the next few weeks) the growth slows and the seed stalks disappear.

Our greatest problem is when we have rains (like the last few days) is that the grass keeps growing but too soft to take the mowers out.  As soon as the weather breaks, the mowers will be back at it!  The more grass there is to cut, the slower the mowers go – but we will stay with it.  We have 2 main rough mowers and 2 trim mowers – all four will be in operation as soon as it is dry enough.