Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Verticutting Greens

Monday we verticut the greens, lightly topdressed, dragged with a mat (to work the sand into the surface), and sprayed a wetting agent.  All this was watered into the green.  Verticutting and topdressing help to smooth the surfaced of the green.  Dragging works the sand in and stands any long runners of grass up so that the mowers the next day can cut them off.  The wetting agents help to keep the surface more uniform (moisture content) which reduce dry spots from forming.  We will typically verticut and topdress greens about every 2-3 weeks.

The blades are vertical to the surface - there are many blades which are spinning at 90 degrees to the turf.  The tips of the blades are set just below the surface of the turf.