Thursday, June 30, 2011

#14 Pond - the frogs are happy

#14 pond has been an issue for many years.  The pond was dug long ago to help with drainage (as the story goes), however any pond in the middle of a peat bog will eventually return to a bog.  We have looked into installing aerators but the pond is not deep enough.  Dredging was tried a few years ago but also failed because the peat in this area is about 20-30' deep and the banks start caving in. Chemical control is also difficult due to the amount of organic matter (peat) and  as a result chemicals would be short lived at best.  We are continuing to look for ways to improve the aesthetics of the pond, but eventually cattails and lily pads will cover most of the pond.

A Great Blue Heron walks across the pond on #14 in search of frogs.