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CDGA Weekly Update - June 10

une 10, 2011 Scouting Report
Hot then we Flood: Counting +90° Days, Dollar Spot Impresses Me, Peter Sees Flowers, and Tim says W. circinata var. circinata (again)

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - Blog

More flooding? We are weary of an early warm-up each growing season because we know those temperatures are more than cool-season turfgrasses can take for long. However, a silver-lining was in the forecast this week - a dramatic drop in temperatures would take place and turf managers in Illinois were comforted. As it would turn out I was miles away preparing to speak to a group of turfgrass scientists in Fort Collins, Colo. That night, Thursday, I received an important update via email. I asked about the weather and the response was not good. "Romeoville/Lemont got hit hardest 5+ inches. Better check in at Golf House!" The irony for me was that earlier in the day the good professor from Arizona had taught us that a water shortage existed in many regions. His phrase "dry socks" illustrated the predicament of the western United States. In my introduction the next day I would say "Wet socks!" Each season, significant weather events are recorded (and memorized) as they directly impact growing conditions. Flooding on June 9 is already an important event for Chicago weathermen. Likely it will become an important date for those of us who keep plant health records. To be continued...

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Have a "dry sock" weekend if possible.

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