Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rough height goes down

This spring the rough had been thick and very healthy.  We were cutting the rough at 2.5", but it was just too thick and playing was not enjoyable for the vast majority of the members.  Yesterday all of the rough mowers were set at 2".  In about 2-3 days all of the grass will be cut at the new height.  With the heat, the rough may turn brown and thin.  The normal growth cycle of grasses in our area is a flush of growth in the spring, tapering off during the summer and a slight increase in the fall.  The last few years we have been cutting the rough at 2” and we went to 2.5” to increase the health of the turf, seemed to have worked to good.

Rough going from 2.5" to 2", the grass may go off color for awhile and thin.