Friday, June 3, 2011

Waitea and Poa seedheads make their debut

This is the time when poa seedheads begin to peak.  As much as we try to suppress them, it is very difficult due to the many different cultivars of poa.  Some are not as affected by the growth regulators used for control.  Seedheads will make the greens bumpy, especially in the late afternoon.  Seedheads elongate faster than the growth of the turf causing the bumps.  Bent grass does not produce seeds at green height and is one more reason why we prefer bent over Poa.  Waitea is also becoming very active and infects poa plants.  It makes small yellow rings (the size of a salad plate). It can infect poa at green, tee and color height of cut. On #15 green the CDGA is conducting research for the best methods for control and you can see some areas that are completely covered, while other areas mostly clean of the disease.  This research is helping us to better manage the disease in the most economically and environmental way possible. This spring many local courses are have issues with Waitea and poa seed heads.
 #15 green showing Waitea affecting Poa in the test CDGA teat area.  It is mainly a cosmetic disease and usually does not affect ball roll or long term health of the turf.  Click picture to enlarge.