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CDGA Weekly Update - July 17

July 15, 2011 Scouting Report

It's Hot: 80 mph Winds, Physiological Decline, Brown Patch Wows, Fairy Ring on Greens, Rust Begins, Tim says Digiteria, and Peter Learns Rhizoctonia

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - Blog

The forecast has our attention. The '10 day' has all superintendents and staff gearing up. As far as the eye can see, for the next ten days, daytime highs are to be as hot as it gets. In Chicago that means highs will reach 90° or more. Midsummer is our worst enemy as far as management of cool-season turfgrass goes. It is just too hot for it's life to be normal. Our saving grace is that we are to remain dry (no scary thunderstorms). Believe it or not, to have control of water input by judicious measurement we have a better chance at maintaining plant health. Still, there is no way around the fact that physiological decline is now in place. High temperature causes shallow roots and an imbalance between photosynthesis and respiration. A slow starvation of plant carbohydrate fuels is now occurring.

This week Chicago courses adjusted by raising mowing heights and reducing rolling of golf putting surfaces. On the human side, the national weather service put out a warning. In part it said, "Heat and humidity will build this weekend. Heat indices will likely climb to around 100° and probably around 105° by Monday." That news spells trouble for all organisms that utilize and manage water for cellular life. That includes us. Folks outdoors need to show good diligence and take measures to stay well hydrated. Meanwhile, we'll spend long hours managing the greens. Midsummer is here and the heat is on.

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Have a good weekend and be the heat.

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