Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HOT - Time to take precautions

The forecast for the next few days is hot and humid - not exactly what cool season grasses like.  Warm season grasses of the south would love this weather, but not bent, poa and bluegrass (all cool season grasses).

To help the turf make it through the next few days, we are being proactive in reducing stress on the turf.  Most noticeably golfers will see green speeds decrease because we have raised the mowing height 5/1000 of an inch and reduced rolling and double cutting of the greens.  Water will also be applied in the afternoons to help cool the turf. 

Unfortunately the deep well is down for repairs and we have to use the warm/ salty water from Honey Lake.  Hopefully the well repairs will be completed quickly.

To reduce stress on the greens, we have raised the height of cut slightly and reducing double cutting and rolling.

Use of water is critical during this hot spell.  You may see water on during the day to help cool the turf.