Friday, July 22, 2011

It's all about Water..

Overnight we received just under 1" of rain.  We needed it, but we don't want heat with it.  The radar shows more coming.   It is a love hate, we want it (rain) but not this much all at once and with sunshine/ heat.  We are never happy.....

The deep well (780' deep) used to supply water for our irrigation system went down and today the pump assembly is off to the repair shop.  Soon we will know more about what went wrong and how long before it is back.

A view down the deep well (nearly 800' deep)

Warn pipes being removed and the pump assembly and motor (in background) being readied for transport to the repair shop.

For weeks we added water to the golf course, today we pump it off (drainage).  With both pumps running 16,000 gallons per minute leave the golf course.