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CDGA Weekly Update - Aug 26

August 26, 2011 Scouting Report

August Was Great! One More 90° Day, Summer Patch, Dollar Spot, University of Illinois Turfgrass Research Field Day, and Tim says Kingpin

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - Blog

So, now are we happy? Happy? At the end of this week, I can honestly say it has been a good month - August. Although we hit 93° in Chicago on Wednesday that will be the last hot day we'll see this month. For the month it was only our third day above 90° on Sunshine Course in Lemont. Was it a hot summer? Yes, very. However, all the action was compressed into the single month of July. On average, it sounds like an 'average summer' because Midway scored 24 days above 90° and the 144 year average is 23 days. When you realize most of those days were compressed into one month you can begin to understand why so many golf courses were unanimous in one issue -turfgrass loss occurred somewhere on fairways or greens.

If you were unable to adjust cultural practices during July you were in big trouble. Worst case senario was aggressive cultural practices to produce fast greens stayed in place for that Big Tournament and that Big Tournament fell during the third week of July. Well then, hang on for that ride. The ride goes beyond the expectations of golfers and is the reality of accepting the fact that we are never in complete control when it comes to the weather. It is understanding that each season we must watch turf health suffer whenever a volatile summer weather pattern (heat + humidity) gets stuck above our heads at (Insert Name) Country Club. All I can say is that I really appreciated the final summer ride that simply said "August, 2011". I'll gladly wait in a long line for that ride.

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Enjoy the rest of a month called August!

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