Monday, August 22, 2011

Flowers - what is it?

The flowers have done well this summer (they liked the heat) and I have received questions as to some of the more unusual ones.  If you have a question about a flower at Biltmore, feel free to email me a picture and Karen or I would be happy to ID for you. Click pictures to enlarge.

Amaranthus - we have two different types of Amaranthus on the course.  This particular ones comes in flats - Iowa State colors!

Amaranthus Love-Lies-Bleeding.  We have used this variety for several years.  This one comes in pots.

Gomphrena globosa, Red Creek and Purple (with some purple petunias mixed in).  There are three colors we use and these flowers can be used in dry arrangements.  The other variety  is called Fireworks (I will post a picture later).
Sunflower - All of the sunflowers we use come from seeds planted on site.  The seed is a mix of different types.