Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poa and Bent Control in Rough

To help improve the overall playability of the rough, the last few years we have been experimenting with a new product called Tenacity.  Tenacity bleaches (turns it white) the foliage of bent and poa and some bluegrasses.  The idea is to weaken the poa and bent so that the higher quality bluegrasses can take over.  Next week during aerification we will be inter seed the areas with newer varieties of bluegrass.  For a few weeks, the turf will be very white looking along fairways, green and tee banks.  Heavy shade areas are not treated because bluegrass does not do well in those areas.

Bent turning white next to #9 ladies tee.

Along all of the fairways they have been treated and next week over seeded with newer bluegrass varieties.