Saturday, August 27, 2011

Soil temps and what does it mean?

The following is a partial list of soil temperatures (F) at the 4-inch depth that should be of the association with certain biological events.

Cool Season Grasses:

90F Shoot growth ceases.
77F Root growth ceases.
70F Maximum temperature for root growth of any consequence.
70F Time to plant grasses in late summer.
60-75F Optimum temperature for shoot growth.
50-65F Optimum temperature for root growth.

At Biltmore our soil temps at a 4" depth in the greens range currently between 70-80 degrees (2" depth 66-90 degrees) even with the recent cooler air temps.  In July, the soil temps were ranging from 75-90 degrees at 4" and 77-100 degrees at 2" daily.   Above is from research done at NC State University.

We are headed in the right direction, but still have some cooling that needs to occur before recovery kicks into high gear.  Typically the best recovery occurs during September, when high air temps are moderated.

Grass is germinating and starting to grow in the thin/bare areas.  Please avoid walking on these areas.