Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aerification: Day One...

The first day of aerification went great.  No major breakdowns and perfect weather.  We are slightly ahead of schedule and if everything holds together we will complete the majority of the work today.  Thursday we will be finish cleaning up and resume mowing of rough.  It will take about 10 days for the greens to heal, depending on weather.  Yesterday the crew worked over 13 hours and will do the same today and possibly tomorrow.

Below are some pictures of the work so far:

Sand for the greens and tees come dried in special semi trucks from Ohio 26 tons at a time.  We will use 4 semi trucks during aerification which is about 4 tons of sand per green

The sand is transported from the shop in a topdresser.

After the sand is applied to the green, it then aerified with 3/4" solid tines driven into the green to a depth of 10-12". 

The sand is then pushed and blown into the holes, filling them completely.  This creates sand channels deep into the green.

The green is then rolled and slit seeded.  Today we will topdress again, drag,  roll (again), fertilize and then water.    

At the same time all the above work is begin done to the greens, the fairways are also being aerified.

Once the plugs dry enough on the fairways, they are then ground up with a special core processor.  Afterwards the fairway is dragged and blown clean.  We are also applying sand topdressing to the "worm" fairways (another 100 tons worth).  After that the fairways are mowed, fertilized and watered.

#1 fairway nearing the end of the process.  The thatch that is blown from the fairways is then raked up and removed.

Even during aerification we have to continue to mow.  Here Juan, one of our best tee and green cutter mowers #10 tee.