Thursday, October 6, 2011

Green Drainage - #6

This week we completed drainage on #4 and will finish #6 green by Friday morning (all greens will be open this weekend).  The soil from #4 green was pretty good, at least compared to #6.  The back, left of #6 green was a minefiled of rocks (some very large) and packed in with clay.  The front of the green was a very compacted, heavy clay.  This helps to explain the difficult time we have in growing turf on this green (a far cry from a USGA green).  It is amazing the variance in materials they used to build the greens 85 years ago.  Next week we will begin work on #14 and then #12 green.  The weather has been perfect and I hope it continues!

Note all the rocks removed by the trencher.  The rocks did slow progress, but the green will open Friday. (click pictures to enlarge)
A sample of one of the many rocks found.  It was very difficult to keep the trencher on line as it bounced around when hitting rocks (our margin of error is 1" on both sides of the trencher).  When we complete the work this fall nearly, 400 tons of material will be removed and installed by hand from the 6 greens.

All sod is replaced exactly where it came from, with extreme care.

Plywood is used to protect the green while the work is preformed.  When finished, we will have installed more than 1 mile of drain tile in the 6 greens this fall..