Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy Week and it is still March

A busy week.  We are compressing the work we would normally be doing in March and April into a few weeks.  We have been open for 5 days (2 with carts) - and already talk of green speeds, bunker rakes, cart signs, bathrooms, rough, worms - yikes, wait is it May or March!

As goes golf course maintenance - Mother Nature is running the show and we try to tweak her, but in the end she has the upper hand.   Sometimes she is helpful (like this past winter and spring) and sometimes not.  So far, so good this year but if we are 30 degrees above normal now - what will it be in July and Aug? 

This week we are pressuring the irrigation system, turning the water on for the bathrooms on the course and getting ready to start mowing rough. Today we are verticutting and mowing greens, topdressing, rolling and then adding a little bit of water (to help settle the sand).  Even with the growth regulators applied last Friday, the greens are growing fast - to fast for this time of year.

Bear with us as we continue to clear the course of branches, begin work on the bunkers and continue putting course equipment out (tee signs, yardage markers, OB stakes, benches, ball washers, etc, etc).  My "to do" list has never been longer!

Don't forget, flower orders are due by April 16th

Javier is verticutting the greens prior to mowing today.  The verticutter cuts the turf vertically, reducing the puffiness of the turf.

Felipe is cutting the greens after verticutting - typically 4-6 crew members would cut all greens, but today only Felipe and Javier are cutting all 18 greens and the putting greens, they are getting a workout!