Friday, March 16, 2012

Carts this Saturday (March 17th)

Maybe I am nuts or the weather is just completely out of whack (or both), but carts before St. Patty's Day?   I keep looking at the calendar to make sure it is really March - March 16th it is!  The soil temps have warmed to 46 degrees and with that the turf (and all plants) are breaking dormancy at a record rate.  Soils are firming and the club could use a bit of revenue, so carts will be permitted starting Saturday, March 17th.

What the warm weather means is anyone guess for the summer.  A cold snap would damage many plants who think it is spring.  Bugs (especially those swarms of gnats and mosquitoes) would be in for a real shock (not all bad).  Time will tell what this warm weather means for the rest of the growing season. 

Red Maple flowering

Mowing fairways for the first time (March 15)

Spraying #14 green for poa seed heads - this application is based on Growing Degree Days (GDD).  Historically this is the 1st week of April (3 week early).