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CDGA Scouting Report - April 20, 2012

April 20, 2012 Scouting Report

Nice Temps, Needed Rain Arrives, 1st Crabgrass Seedlings, 1st Sod Webworm Injury, Poa annua Seedheads, Microdochium Patch, and Tim says Embark

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - Blog

As April's go, things feel pretty normal. Did I say that? Daytime temperatures felt comfortable with 60-70° highs and most nights felt chilly - as they should. Our lows were 30 something and most days, a light jacket would do. A more normal pace of temperature accumulation calmed us. Only once out of a span of seven days did we record frost in the north suburbs. Meanwhile, south suburbs saw not one. Nevertheless, new pests did arrive and reminded us that they do have early life this season. 1. Like our first crabgrass seedlings to appear (preemergents are needed earlier in 2012!). 2. Like sod webworm moths and their larvae which spelled the letter V on Sunshine's greens this week (v for victory?). 3. Like pink snow mold's reappearance which for obvious reasons has been renamed Microdochium patch (it's April and it isn't snowing!). 4. Like Poa annua, now shining flower-wise on most courses (Poa seedheads!). 5. Like a disease look-a-like or frost induced reddish creeping bentgrass (not leaf spot of bentgrass!).

Overall in the landscape, I noticed deciduous trees seemed to be leafing out all at once and a couple eye-poping woody ornamentals were done - lilac and crabapple flower gone. Otherwise, most things look really healthy as progression to 'all green' continues. Soon Mother Nature will say "Ta da!"

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Have a nice weekend as we continue to enjoy cooler/normal temps.

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