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CDGA Scouting Report - May 4th

May 4, 2012 Scouting Report

It's May, We Warm: A Trifecta of Disease, 1st Waitea, Microdochium patch, Dollar spot returns, and Tim says "Early Dollar Spot Research"

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - Blog
It became May and well... we warmed. This would my first week to see a lot of core Chicago courses - I'd be in diagnosis mode. Compared to March's freakish warm, this time around it would be less mysterious. I would recognize the usual fungal diseases of late spring. I would see three different foliar diseases - triggered by the recent rain and warmth of May. It began last Saturday when a superintendent's two email sentences would excite me. "Looks like Waitea is active on our green in the test area. Very faint, but lots of rings." But my first incline that Waitea had finally arrived would be nothing compared to another arrival. On Monday and Tuesday, following our rain, an outbreak of Microchium patch would sporadically occur across the Chicago District - Poa annua showing greatest susceptiblity. For example, I would document Microdochium patch (aka pink snow mold) affecting golf surfaces (mainly tees) in travels to three north suburb courses, two west suburb courses and then I saw it on the south side. I was quite well versed when I received a call for help from a far south suburb superintendent. Then as a bonus, in my travels I would see more Waitea and find my first significant outbreak of dollar spot on a fairway. My eyes and lens had began to overheat. This week represented the first real bout of the usual contenders of spring. Growing season 2012 just began to make some sense.

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Have a good weekend and enjoy those dwarf Korean lilacs beginning their bloom!

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