Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Waitea...what ....who??

Waitea is a disease that is common to poa annua greens.  It can be controlled with fungicides and best control is prior to disease occurring.  It has been very predictable in past occurring at Biltmore between May 18-30th.  This year activity began April 29th - nearly 3-4 weeks early.  Dr. Settle from the CDGA has been doing research on #15 green for the last 4 years to identify the best management practices to control/manage the disease and this year is no exception.  Generally speaking the DMI and Strobin fungicides (general classes of chemicals) work good.  Prostar does an excelent job and old fashion nitrogen seems like it might help.  Last year it was found that one fungicides might make the disease worse (thiophante-methyl/ 3336).  Waitea does not kill the turf, just makes it look bad as it infects the older leaves of the grass leaving a yellow ring.  By mid June Waitea typically disappears until next year.  For more information on Waitea check out the CDGA 2010 report or CDGA 2009 report

Control plots are used to see what would happen if nothing is applied.  The pots next to the control shows little disease (yellow rings).  Each treatment is replicated 4 times (randomly).  The next time you are on #15 green see if you can find some of the plots. (photo Dr. Settle)

A sample is collected which will be isolated in the lab to confirm it is Waitea. (photo Dr. Settle)