Saturday, May 5, 2012

A week in review (with pictures)

This week we saw a big change in the weather. After a warm March, late April was cold - to cold.  Many perennials, trees and shrubs were caught off guard.  Turf grass went back into dormancy (greens turned purple), but for the most part was not negatively effected by the cold.  This week it was pedal to the medal as growth resumed at break next pace.  The rough is growing fast and we are cutting it as fast as we can.  Greens are growing and we are trying to control its growth (which effects green speed and roll).  This surge of growth in the spring is very normal.

CDGA test plots on #15 green are evaluated for the disease Waitea.  Good results are again being obtained.  Over the last 4 years the disease became active on May 22,18,25 and 30th.  This year it started April 29th about 3 weeks early.  What this means for the upcoming growing season no on really knows.

A new cart path near #17 tee was installed
The aerification holes are just about all gone.  Last week the board approved the purchase of a new roller and over the next few weeks we will be demoing different models.  This is our old unit.  New units have more rollers and weigh less.  Research shows that it is not the weight but the number of rollers that makes the difference.

This Tulip Tree leafed out a bit to early and the cold weather froze its young leaves.  This week new shots appeared.  Most trees can withstand a loss of leaves every now and then.

Perennial grass that started to grow in March were set back but also resumed new growth this past week.  The brown in the picture was new growth from this spring.

Maple seeds are dropping about 3 weeks earlier than normal.  Each day all greens are cleared, but during peak seed drop greens are re-covered very quickly.  Seed drop should begin to taper off over the next few weeks.