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CDGA Weekly Update- June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012 Scouting Report

June Sees A Little Rain: Dollar Spot, 1st Japanese Beetles, Anthracnose BSR, Peter's Billbug versus Kentucky Bluegrass and Tim is still saying Waitea

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - / Weather Blog

It was hard to keep a ballcap on a few days this week, whether near the striped turf of a baseball diamond (Cubs/Sox) or near the striped turf of a fairway (us). Hot wind meant turf ET climbed to outrageous levels, but our saving grace was rain which had made a dent on a dry landscape (0.5" last weekend for most of Chi). June's third week had brought some change. First, June 21 was hailed 'officially' as summer. Whatever. Second, high humidity returned. Drip, drip and that's not rain. Third, it was super-hot and Chicago scored more highs of 90-something. By Wednesday we had counted thirteen 90° days...and it wasn't even summer yet. Fourth, the good men I know as golf course superintendents began to look oven-baked? To lighten things I use small talk. "What's with the hair?" "You got dark all the sudden!" "Look, deep roots!" "Are you thirsty?"

So, how's your summer going? If you are a kid pool-side, you smile. If you are a golfer now experiencing ball roll speeds of your life, you smile. If you happen to be a superintendent you're taking it all in (pats on the back). But, an occasional observant club member has begun to notice something. The Super's smile lost some of it's (broad) character. June just became July, it's Hot!

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Have a good weekend and we are about to catch another break (cool-down). Whew!

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