Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CDGA Weekly Update- June 8

June 8, 2012 Scouting Report

June is Nice: Very Dry, Optimum Turf Health, No Dollar Spot, Take-All of Bent Fairways, Peter's Nitrogen Timing and Tim's Kentucky Blue versus Crabgrass

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - DSettle@cdga.org / Weather Blog

If you enjoy the outdoors, this week felt like heaven. After a record plunge in temperature, we began our week and the remaining 7 days and nights provided us with an uncanny cool-season perfection of the turf kind. Though still dangerously dry from a simple reality that it just will not rain, our dry soils also go further back. Back to a winter that lacked snow and an early spring that was way too warm -one could argue evapotranspiration began earlier than ever recorded. It means our soils are dry, something we can take in June when moderate near-ideal temperatures are the norm. So far so good, but in the back of a plantsman's mind something is brewing. What's a dry, hot summer this July and August going to look like? Be prepared for turf color of the brown kind - from experience on golf courses we know inner roughs will be especially hard hit. But, I'm getting ahead of myself again. It's June and birds are singing, animals are playing and things like Hydrangea macrophylla are putting on a show.

The other obvious thing I saw this week? Golfers just kept smiling as did turf managers. Our current issues are minor at best. It's just things we've not seen for a number of years, like a root disease of creeping bentgrass called take-all. Like localized dry spot showing us the weak rootzone links beneath. But, we were sort of expecting a dry summer this time around. In 2012, a Chicago without dew was due!

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It's gonna be a hot weekend, but thankfully it won't last long. So Enjoy!

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