Friday, July 13, 2012


At 3:15PM on Friday, July 13th it rained 0.15" and temperature dropped from 91 to 70.  Not much rain you say, yes but in the last 42 days we have only received a bit over 1/2" of rain.   We are now in the 5th worst drought in Chicago history and just on the edge of being a Sever Drought as classified by the National Drought Monitor  (last week a Moderate Drought).  Only 1 in 28 years are ever this dry.  But it is not just the drought, but the heat.  We are on track to record a record number of  90 degree temps.  O'hare typically sees 17- 90 degree temps in a summer.  By the end of next week they could record 33.

Picked up 0.15" of rain today, bringing our 42 day total to 0.67" of rain.