Thursday, July 5, 2012

One Down - Two to go

We made it past the first of three very stressful days.  It was not without a challenge.  Around 3 PM yesterday we experienced a "Brownout"; not enough electric power available to run our irrigation pumps.  Not an ideal situation when you want to syringe the course to cool it down.  Luckily we have a backup generator large enough to run our irrigation pumps.

The power returned to normal in time for the night watering, but I would expect more power issues today and Friday.

We will only be rolling greens today (not mowing).   Water may be running throughout the day as needed.

Our backup generator - came in handy yesterday.

Diseases are very active in the rough - greens, tees and fairways are clear so far.
From WGN: "The rarity of Chicago temperatures at that level (high temp of 102) can't be overstated.  Of 51,465 daily temperatures which have been archived over the 142 years of official weather observations in Chicago, only 19 of them have reached or exceeded that level."

104 is forecasted for today and 103 for Friday.