Friday, July 6, 2012

Two Down - One or Two more..

The weather people look to be changing their minds - go figure.  The heat was to break on Saturday, but now they are calling for the heat to subside by Sunday.  So far so good, turf is stressing but surviving.  The total effects of the heat are sometimes not seen for several days.

With the tournament on Saturday, we will cut greens and roll - but have raised the mowers .005" - may not sound like much, but it does help the turf and will make the greens a bit slower.

  • Afternoon syringes help give the turf a breather.  Sorry for any inconvenience this watering may cause.
  • Since June 1st we have had 0.63" of rain and ET for the same period is now at 6.57". 
  • Excessive Heat Warning continues until 4PM Saturday.  High for Friday is predicted to be 103 and 96 on Saturday.
Comparison of the 1995 heat wave to our current heat wave:

1995       July 12         July 13         July 14         July 15         July 16
                97°              104°             100°             98°               93°

2012        July 2           July 3           July 4           July 5           July 6          July 7
                 98°               96°              102°             103°             103°*           96°*
* predicted highs
For more detailed info check out the National Weather Service Heat Wave comparisons for Chicago.

For more info on the USGA recommendations on how to manage turf in the heat follow thin link:
USGA Summer Heat Is On

According to the US Drought Monitor, we are now in a "Moderate Drought, as of July 3rd.
Drought Monitor - Midwest

Stay cool!
Hand watering fairways - not something you typically see at Biltmore