Thursday, August 2, 2012

2012 Drought

Sometimes it takes perspective to appreciate what we have compared to what others are going through. Click on the link and watch the short video on the Farmers Downstate Drought.

Storm clouds last week brought some rain (0.27" in the last 9 days), but not enough.

Mornings are always nice on the golf course, especially when it is cool. Looking though the back of a bench.

Mobile sprinklers have been in use all summer long in the rough around trees.
We have never irrigated so much.  The amount of water we have used to date surpasses what we would have used in a dry year, for the entire summer.  Lake levels continue to be well below normal and the small rains have helped, but it will take rains totaling 10-12" to erase the drought we are currently in.

On the course you may find a wet spot, but nearby is most likely a dry spot.  This is especially true in the peat ground were it is very difficult to evenly wet the peat.  Trees remove water in a non-uniform fashion creating a dry area within the drip-line.   Along fairway edges this is even more evident where tree roots are removing water along the edges of the fairways.  In order to balance the water in these areas, temporary part circle sprinklers are installed in the full circle heads and ran to water only the rough.  We run these sprinklers for hours to try and re-wet the peat beneath the trees and puddles can form on the surface, but the soil beneath is still bone dry.  About 2/3 the golf course is on peat ground.

In other areas the trees block the water from sprinklers causing a dry spot behind and a wet spot in front.  During a drought these areas are magnified by the amount of irrigating.

Hopefully the drought will break and gentile rains - not flooding t-storms with come and cooler temps will arrive.  The farmers could really use the help.

Good luck to everyone playing in MGI this weekend!