Monday, August 20, 2012

Busy Weeks Ahead

Today began the first of many busy weeks on the golf course, as if this summer was not busy enough.  The Green Committee (and golf course architect, Greg Martin) approved many improvements to the course to make it more playable.  Those projects that require seeding will be completed first.  The ideal time for seeding is from August 15th - September 15th.

This week (and over the next few weeks) we will be working on the following projects:
  • Rototilling  and seeding the poor turf area left of #1 fairway (near the green) - where the willow tree was and a few select spots around the course.
  • Widening the fairway and removal of the bunker on the left side of #9.
  • Widening the fairway on the left side of #10
  • Removal of the Buckthorn and wood chips between #17 and #13 fairways (this area will then be seeded.
  • Removal of select trees around the course and grinding of the stumps.
  • And other projects that are yet to be finalized.
Aerification of the greens, tees and fairways will be September 10-11th and starting at the end of September we will finish the greens drainage project (#2, #7, #9, #15 and #16).

Rototilling the rough left of #1 fairway.  The area was leveled and seeded today.

Buckthorn being removed between 17 and 13.  The wood chips will also be removed and the area seeded.

Today we also needle-tined greens, topdress and dragged.
Please do not hit multiple balls from one spot - #10 fairway.  Not only does this causes many divots, but also excess ball marks on the greens.