Friday, August 24, 2012

Fairway Expansions

We have completed work on #9 and #10 fairway expansion.  The bunker on the left of #9 was filled in and fairway expanded to the left.  The areas will be hydro-mulched.  Next we will be begin to fill the bunker on the left of #9 near the green (way out of play).  Next will be the bunker on #6 on the left (removal) and expanding the fairway to the right and left.  The very large bunker on the left of #6 (built into the hill) will be reduced in size (by about 2/3).  Most of this work will begin next week, along with some more tree removal as approved by the Green Committee and reviewed by the Board of Directors.

#9 fairway expansion and bunker removal.

Fairway expansion to the left side of #10 fairway.

Unusual galls on Swamp White Oak trees. Galls do little damage to the tree, just look bad.