Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seed Germinating - Work Continues on #6

Last week we seeded the fairway expansions on #9 and #10 and the seed is germinating less than one week later.  This is the ideal time for seeding grasses.  Work continues on #6 fairway expansion and the new bunker.  Once we finish the right side of the fairway we will begin on the left side removing the first bunker and widening the fairway.  We will continue to remove trees over the next few weeks.
#9 fairway expansion starting to germinate.
Work on the new fairway bunker on the right of #6.  Old clay drain tiles had to be removed.  Over time, frosts have pushed them to within a few inches below ground.  They were installed in the 1940-50's and are still in perfect condition.  An old tree stump also had to be removed by hand.  Seeding of the right side should be completed today.