Monday, August 27, 2012

Tenacity and Xonerate treatments for the rough

Tenacity and Xonerate are chemicals that are used to selectively control mainly weed grasses in turf.  We have been experimenting with Tenacity for several years to control bent and poa in the rough.  One of the first areas we tried it was on the front lawn 4 years ago.  Today there is no poa or bent patches in the front lawn.  Over the years we have expanded our treatments to around fairways and open areas of rough.  This year we are treating more acres than ever before.  Those spots that have been treated in the past are filling in with more bluegrass.  The negative to these treatments is that it does turn the poa and bent a white (bleaching color) and some bluegrass.  Recently some data has shown adding Xonerate in very small amounts (0.5 oz per acre - imagine taking a 12oz can of pop, dividing it into 24 glasses then spreading 1 of  glasses over 43,560 sqft = 1 acre, evenly, that is how little it is) helps to shorten, reduce and improve the results of the Tenacity treatments  which is applied at 5 oz/A.  There will be a total of 3 treatments.  Today we applied the second application and next Tuesday we will apply the final treatment.  After this, we then will slit seed bluegrass into the rough.  If all goes well, this will help to improve the quality of our rough, making it easier to hit out of.

Tenacity and Xonerate effects on the poa (white patches) that has contaminated the low mow blue walking path on #14 tee.  In the background the new bluegrass sod is unaffected.