Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weather Stats March 1 - July 31

How does this year compare to last year?  2011 was hot, but the flooding rains at the end of July caused most of our issues.  As we enter August we historically see ~35% of our annual temps above 90 occur (in other words, 2/3 of the hot days are behind us).  If that is true, we have about 7 more 90+ days to go.  This week the forecast is to return into the 90's again with T-storms mixed in.  The drought is not over and we continue to struggle to keep the peat ground moist enough to not only keep the turf alive, but also the trees.  The peat is especially hard to re-wet, once it becomes dry and the Poa trivialis is showing the stress of the summer, on the peat in the rough.

Our weather data is typically cooler than O'Hare's "official" readings by about 3-4 degrees (high and lows). 
Biltmore CC Weather Station:
Temp   2011 (3/1-7/31)        2012 (3/1-7/31)        2011 (entire summer)
80-89:  32 days                     40 days                     59 days
90-94:  11 days                     12 days                     15 days
>95   :   0 days                      8 days                       0 days
ET    :  17.41"                       21.30"                       26.47"
Rain :  25.32"                       11.71"                       34.74"

2011 was much wetter and a bit cooler than 2012.  In the last 60 days we have received 2.66" of rain and an ET of 10.65" (a shortfall of 8" of moisture).  August is typically one of the wettest months in Chicago.

Records Set at O'Hare:
  • Never since 1871 have so many 90s been on the books so early (35, 90 degree or higher)
  • 3rd warmest July on record
  • 2nd hottest summer to date (out of 142 years of record keeping)
  • 10th consecutive "warmer-than-normal" month ties 1953-54 record