Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aerification 2012

The 2012 aerification is complete, now the healing process begins.  The weather was perfect and enabled us to finish the greens, tees and fairways in record time.  With the cooler weather and a bit of rain things will heal quickly.  Typically it takes a few weeks for complete recovery.  We are still working on seeding the rough, some solid tine aerification around greens and tees, removal of the stumps and widening of #14 fairway.  Next week we will fill the stumps with soil and seed.  Please help us by avoiding any seeded (brown areas) along the fairways.

Aerification of the fairways started on a cool, foggy morning.  All major aerification is now complete.

Greens were "verti-drained" using 12" solid tines (3/4" diameter).  The sand to fill the holes is applied prior to aerification.  After aerification the greens are softer and rutting of by the top dresser is more likely to occur. 

A close up of #8 green with the sand on the green.  All this sand will be pushed with brooms and blowers into the holes.

This is a video of the verti drain in action.