Thursday, September 27, 2012

Drought of 2012

Is the drought over?  Not yet!

Below shows the deficit amounts of moisture based on reading from our weather station on the course.  As you can see, the drought continues, even in the last few weeks the rains are not enough to keep up with the ET (Evapotranspiration) rates.  The drought will most likely continue for several more months.

Date Range         Rain          ET             Shortfall
1/1 - 2/29             2.25"          1.82"          -0.43" 
3/1 - 5/31             8.94"         10.55"          1.61"
6/1 - 9/13             6.30"         16.44"        10.14"
Last 2 weeks        0.33"           1.27"          1.14"
Total Shortfall 2012 year to date:         12.46"                         

Honey Lake water level continues to drop.  It is at it's lowest level of the year.  Normal water level would be near the top of the boards in the center of the picture.  The lake is down 2.5'.

According to the US Drought Monitor we are right on the line to be in a Sever Drought.