Friday, September 21, 2012

If everything only went smoothly....

While preparing to hydro mulch some of the newly seeded areas, our extremely old hydro mulcher became uncoupled from the tractor that was pulling it.  1/2" steel ripped like paper under the weight of the tank full of water.  This was caused by a low tire which added extra weight on the hitch.  No one was hurt and after some quick repairs, the 30 year old hydro mulcher was back in operation.
Low tire pressure created the extra stress on the hitch.  When it separated, the hydro mulcher, stopped dead in its tracks as front of the mulcher dove into the ground, sticking there.  After some quick repairs (and added air to the low tire), we were back in operation.  The low tire was on the opposite side (but you can see the rear tire is up in the air).

The steel plate ripped like paper, separating the tractor from the hydro mulcher.