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CDGA Weekly Update - October 26, 2012

October 26, 2012 Scouting Report

Tree Leaves Largely Down: 70s Felt Nice, Needed Rain Continues, Dollar Spot Went Crazy and Tim's Dollar Spot Susceptibility of Bentgrass in Fall

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle - / Weather Blog

In a simple week of time, big change occured. I was gone for part of the week (Cincinnati) and then I came back. Upon return, I was surprised to find most tree leaves were suddenly down. In particular the oaks, Quercus spp., would catch my attention because they had let me down? You see, I was readying myself to write about oaks in their flourish of fall leaf color. Well, in a season of interesting temperature from start to finish I can now say... oak tree leaves fell early during a week that saw highs in the 70s. Obviously our attention continued to be more holistic as far as the landscape was concerned - it's not just turf after all. We continue to wrap things up this growing season and that is a good feeling.

Back to turf. The meeting I attended was all about something called C-5 (aka Turfgrass Division of the Crop Science Society of America). A little digging and I found Division C-5 objectives to share. "A) To provide a common forum for the exchange of turfgrass research and educational information... B) To advance scientific research and promote practices that will improve the utility, culture, and performance of turfgrass. C) To further the professional development of its members and to promote and recognize quality research and teaching of Turfgrass Science as a profession. D) To maintain liaison and to cooperate with other scientific or educational organizations, national or international, whose programs are allied to Turfgrass Science." Those four Turf Science objectives sound good to me!

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Have a good weekend though light jackets no more since our forecast says 40s/30s (highs/lows).

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