Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This weeks project - #2 and #7 Greens

#16 green was completed on Monday (sod installed).  This week we will be installing drainage in #2 and #7 greens.  We will also be reshaping the front rough of #2 green and adding a runoff area to the left of the green.  Tuesday, as we finish #7 green we will move to #2 green.  There may be a short period of time on Tuesday when both greens are closed as we move the crew from one green to the other.  We hope to reopen #7 green by late Tuesday or early Wednesday.  #2 green will most likely reopen sometime on Friday.  Temporary pins will be placed in front of the greens.

Next week we begin work on #9 green - the last green of the three year greens drainage project.

Drainage in #7 green began Monday and should be completed Tuesday.