Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flood Update (3)

Flooding continues, but appears to have topped out.  If all goes well, by Friday we will begin to see the water drop rather quickly on the course (assuming no more rain).   Play for Saturday is questionable but Sunday is not out of the question.  Carts - don't even ask!

Lift station is barely keeping up.  18,000 gallons per minute.  All water from Honey Lake, parts of Lake Zurich, Rt 59 back towards Rt 22 and the golf course pass through this lift station.

The new "Biltmore Lake".  About at historic highs.

Rarely does #15 pond near the tee overspill its banks.  All this water has to go through the pumps..

A view from #14 green.  The water has stopped rising, for the time being.