Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Delayed

Think Spring!  or at least something warmer.

This year is nothing like last year.  The cold and wet continues.  Soil temps have been hovering around 40 degrees and for good spring green up and growth we need them above 50.  The forecast is not promising for the upcoming week and because of that we have delayed aerification at least 1 week and are tentatively scheduling it for April 22nd.  In the last 7 days we have received 2.17" of rain.  The forecast for next week calls for rain in the range of 0.64" - 4.01"!  The drought in IL is officially over - no part of IL is under any drought conditions.

We were able to burn all of our prairies this spring.

Spring aerification has been delayed at least until April 22nd.  The goal of this aerification is not necessarily compaction, but thatch removal.  This helps with smoother greens during the summer.

The forecast for next week doesn't look promising.