Saturday, May 11, 2013

Busy Past Week

This past week we were busy not only trying to keep the rough in check, but with projects.  With the green light on resurfacing/ paving the parking lot we installed drainage to correct the subsurface drainage issues which contributed to the parking lot degrading.  Ideally the sub-grade remains dry and firm.   Excess moisture under the asphalt weakens the base and in turn allows the asphalt to flex as cars pass over, thus causing cracks.  This week resurfacing work will begin on the larger lot and then move to the smaller lot next week (north lot).

This past week we also verticut greens, power washed all the brick patios and stone walls, installed the new stone retaining wall near the patio and new brick pavers near the cart barn.

This coming week we will be sorting and planting flowers around the property and trying to keep the rough under control.  Green speeds will continue to improve as we move into our normal summer maintenance practices.

This is the trencher we used to cut though the asphalt.  Worked started near the clubhouse and across the main lot.

Drainage work in the main parking lot.  The goal of this work is to remove sub-surface water (water under the asphalt) to help extend the life of the new paving.
Power washing the brick patios brings new life to the pavers.  After washing, sand is added to fill the gaps in the bricks.