Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flood Upate #6 - Sunday, June 30th - AM

98% of the surface flood water is gone.  The bunkers on #18 and around #13 are the only places that there is standing water (the lowest points on the golf course) as of 7AM.

It appears that the turf near the edges (shallows) may be the most affected – and the turf deep in the water was better off. #1 green is a good example as 2/3 of the green was under water.  The shallow areas may have heated up more than the deep areas.  Time will tell.  We did have more mud on #13 green than the others.
Overall the greens look to be in good condition.  We are washing 1,8, 10 and 13 greens of the silt this morning. We will then wash 2,9,11,14 tees.  We may have to wash 13, 18, 6 fairways.

The smell cannot be described, all I can say is; rotting worms, fish and turf mixed together- the “smell of death”.  Luckily there is a slight breeze, but even so it does make some of my guys nauseous.

We are picking up all rakes, tee markers, etc to be scrubbed and cleaned.  Work continues on the bunkers, removing slit, dead fish and worm, and restoring the sand.

I do think we are on track to open on Tuesday.  It is even possible that we might have carts. 

What to expect on Tuesday:
·         Smell – I am sure the smell will still be around, maybe not as much. 
·         Color- turf will appear brown on fairways and rough, but beginning to turn green again and the mud subsides.
·         Bunkers- will be back to normal
·         Greens – we will be cutting the greens affected slightly higher and then lower the mowers slowly – by Friday we should be back to normal.  #1, #8, #10 and #13 will be slower.
·         Rough – All the rough should be cut by Tuesday – it will browner than normal, and thinner.
·         Flowers – about 75% of the flowers that flooded, appear to be dead.
·         Carts- at this point, it does look like carts will be ok- as long as we do not get any more rain.
A few puddles of water remain in bunkers.

Dead fish removal

#14 tee - mud covered

Flowers on #14 tee

Washing #13 green

Compare to previous pictures.