Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flood Update #2 - June 27th

The Good News-
  • No rain last night
  • Water levels in Honey Lake have dropped sightly
The Bad News-
  • Water levels on the golf course increased slightly
  • Honey Lake is still breaching the dam - over topping it, with all boards removed
  • Stonehenge reported 8.25" of rain in their rain gauge.  I think we were pretty close to that amount. 
  • Schools of fish can be seen swimming around the course. 
Water is still "free flowing" off the course.  The culvert under Golfview is now restricting water flow from the course.  The drainage pumps in the lift station on #15 are operating, however the water level is so high that it is flowing faster than the pumps.  Until Honey Lake drops below the dam level, the course can not begin to drain.  This may not happen for another 24 hrs.  After that it will be about 2 days before the water is gone.  The extent of damage to the turf will be dependant on how long the water is on the grass and how hot the water gets - sunny days are not good at this point.

All the bunkers need repair - we began work on them today.  Dry greens still need to be mowed.

The new cart path on #16 washed out, along with wood chip beds and bunkers.

The lift station on #15 - flood water are up a few feet.  The pumps are still higher than the water, so no damage yet.

Flood waters have now risen to the highest levels ever seen.  Compare this to the picture from yesterday (below post).

Tennis courts - Lower courts

Tennis courts being repaired

#6 fairway - debris from rt 59 washed onto the course.

Flowers were uprooted and washed onto the course.

#1 Tee

Dam for Honey Lake- water was up to the top of the sand bags in the background, but still over topping the dam.

Worms and fish will be left behind as the waters recede.  It will take several days to clean the course.