Friday, June 28, 2013

Flood Update #3 - Friday, June 28 2013

The flood waters have receded about 8” from the peak, however we have about 4-5’ to go.

Two large dewatering pumps will be arriving today, sometime before noon.  These two pumps will remove about 10,000gpm together.  This with our fixed pumps will remove about 28,000gpm – or about 40 million gallons per day.  Currently the water is free flowing off the course is faster than any pumps could pump.  We are running the lift station pumps only to help “push” the water downstream. 

Once we get the new pumps in place, we will close off Honey Lake.  When that happens the water will drop fairly quickly.  If all goes well (no more rain), we should have the majority of the water gone by some time Sunday.

The weather forecast is not ideal.  Scattered thunderstorms are predicted for today and Saturday.   Yesterday we were very lucky as Chrystal Lake and Barrington Hills received ~1” or rain around 5 PM.   This mostly missed us.

It is still too early to tell if any turf has died.  Birds are starting to arrive to feed on the dead and trapped fish.  Millions of earth worms are starting to bloat and float.  When the water does go down, there will be a very bad smell from the dead earthworms/fish.

We are maintaining the turf that has not flooded and still in the process of repairing bunkers and other washouts.

It is imperative that people do not enter the flood waters – not to mention the bacterial issues but that sink holes that may have formed, drain covers that might have floated off and other unknown hazards within the water.  Walking on the turf under this stress will only do more damage.

Thanks for your support and hopefully we will be back to normal next week,


Worms starting to die in the water.

Birds arriving to feed on the trapped fish.

Water has dropped about 8".

#15 bridge