Saturday, June 29, 2013

Flood Update #4- Saturday, June 29

The Good News:
  • Backup pump went operational yesterday afternoon
  • Water has dropped about 2 1/2' from the high point
  • Clean up has begun on the "bathtub ring" and we should have most of the debris removed today.
  • Little rain fell yesterday (we did get a brief downpour)
  • #1 and #8 green are not under water now
  • About 1/2 the fairways are not under water
  • The fireworks last night were spectacular over the water!
The Other News (trying to be positive):
  • We still have about 2-3' of flood waters to remove
  • At this rate, by Sunday AM most of the standing water should be gone (assuming no more rain)
  • #10 and #13 greens are still under water along with 6-7 fairways, #2,#9, #11,#14 tees.
  • Silt covers most of the grass, giving it a brown look
  • Still don't know how much turf will be lost.
  • Thousands of fish are trapped on the course and in the creek
Some pictures from today Saturday- AM:

Fish trapped in a sink hole on #15

The 12" pump we rented

#1 green - 2/3 of the green was under water - now out of the water.

Cleaning of the "bathtub ring" - large portion is dead worms.

Bottom of #9 hill (before green)

#18 fairway - most of the debris floated to the South West side of the course - the smell is... really bad.

Many dead and dying fish - unfortunately they were swept from Honey Lake.
This was taken on Thursday AM

This was taken on Saturday AM -water has dropped about 2 1/2' - but still have about 2-3' to go.