Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Historic Flooding

Historic Flooding is occurring.  Rainfall totals are not for certain as our weather station went under water.  Talking with nearby clubs and radar estimates it looks like we received about 6" or rain in a 4hr period.  With soils already saturated from previous storms, runoff was fast.  Our shop experienced some flooding.  Many roads are closed in the North Barrington area.

The course is experiencing MAJOR FLOODING, of the likes I have not ever seen.  Our lift station lost power and thus all water on the course is "free flowing" off the course.  Honey Lake is 4-6" above the dam (with all boards removed).  This amount of water is unprecedented.

The course will be closed for several days, all depends on how fast Honey Lake recedes.

Bridge on #13

Bunkers washed out - rarely happens with the liners


Biltmore Drive - between Eton and Miller

Biltmore Dr looking towards the McAlester's house.

Golfview Drive near #17