Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rough and Stuff

The cloudy, misty rains have ended, but the cool nights continue.  Last night (Friday) we had a low of 39 degrees!  Earlier in the week we had frost on the course.  The last few weeks have been ideal weather for poa growth (not bent).  This has affected the rough and greens negatively.  It was decided to lower the rough mowers from 2 1/4" to 1 3/4" on Wednesday, but then on Thursday the mowers were raised back to 2" as it was felt 1 3/4" was to low.  It will take a week or so of cutting before the clippings begin to subside.

Poa on the greens is nearing the end of it's spring seeding, which causes bumpy and slow greens.  With lower humidity and drier greens, speeds are back to normal.  We did not change heights of cut or change our rolling schedule, Mother Nature made the only change.

At a new cutting height of 2", the mowers are leaving behind piles of clippings.  This should start to taper off in a week or so.

We have two large mowers and two smaller ones, all four have been operating 7 days a week (when not broken down or in for service).  We had a water pump go out of one of the main machines this week, but is back in service now.

Yellow Wood, one of my favorite trees.

We have a few Yellow Woods, two near #3 tee and 1 behind the 1/2 way house.  All are about 6-7 years old.  It likes clay soils and well drained.  They do get large, but are a beautiful tree in the spring.

The new brick path at the beach should be completed this weekend.